The Group

Shri Ram Kumar Gupta

The P.S. Group of companies owes gratitude to its founding fathers, specially Shri Ram Kumar Gupta, a teacher by profession who devoted his entire life to the cause of education by rendering pioneering services to the community and rendering himself as an ideal to be achieved and a beckoning spirit leading to a world full of strife. He inspired his six sons and two daughters to follow his foot steps to make themselves outstanding in their respective fields of activities.

Late Shri Padam Sain Gupta

Late Shri Padam Sain Gupta is the sixth son of Shri Ram Kumar Gupta, who was born and brought up in District Bhiwani of Haryana State and moved over to Delhi in search of new pastures. His untiring and relentless efforts have lead to the formation of various divisions under the banner of P.S. Group. Since the establishment of P.S. Group thirty years ago, Late Shri Padam Sain Gupta has dedicated himself to the development of business both at home and abroad with persistent efforts in providing quality production and first class customer services. With the pioneering efforts of Late Shri Padam Sain Gupta, for more than five decades, P.S. Group have earned high reputation from customers in India and abroad.

Shri Mukesh Gupta

Shri Mukesh Gupta is the Younger son of Shri Padam Sain Gupta, who is the CMD of Padam Electricals Limited, a new division created to meet the requirements of clients in the field of Electrical products with innovative designs and latest technology. His dynamism has forged this division miles ahead of its competitors. His efforts have resulted in setting up a testing laboratory to ensure quality products before these are passed on to Government Agencies and Public Sector Undertakings.

Shri Mukesh Gupta ranks amongst the most enterprising professionals and because of his untiring efforts, Padam Electricals Limited ranks amongst the leading medium sized companies on the Indian business scenario. Brimmed with confidence, fuelled with conviction, enthused with commitment to efficiency, dedicated to high quality products and services and holding firm belief in ability of Indian talent to compete with the best in the world. Padam Electricals Limited under dynamic leader of Shri Mukesh Gupta is poised to achieve unparalleled growth.

Shri Yash Gupta

Shri Yash Gupta, the son of Shri Mukesh Gupta, is MD of Padam Electricals Limited, and has taken charge of the registered office of the company from where all supplies to the local as well as outstation markets are effected. He takes pains to oversee all supplies personally to ensure that high standards of quality are maintained and any product that does not conform to the standards envisaged by the Company, is held back for rejection as the first point. He is responsible for using a complex data processing computer system to control all its operating procedures, which ensure quick processing of customer orders and guarantees a first class client service. He takes great pains at the material input level. He is also responsible for ensuring requirements of Dealers from time to time to our brand publicity etc.

Thus, with the pioneering efforts of Shri Yash Gupta, Padam Electricals Limited have earned a high degree of reputation from customers in India with a distribution network of over 400 across the country and also from the importers abroad.